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Studio Photoshoot


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As promised, here are more pictures from our photoshoot earlier this month. This is a 3-man shoot wherein we are the models and at the same time work behind the camera. I am the makeup artist and the look we’re wearing in this shoot is somewhat similar to the Cute Fairy Photoshoot that I did a while back, except that we wore a white eyeliner, instead of black. I used a lighter shade of brow set since we have light-colored hair and a different shade of pink lipstick.

Now onto the picspam! :)

Senyth Fixing Her Hair

Senyth On A Chair

One of the photographer, Shad, is fond of “fierce” theme and I think my eyes added to that effect. I have a lot of photos with that theme, but this is my favorite among them.

Smiling Senyth

As for the Smiling Senyth, which is rare in this shoot by the way, this is my favorite. It’s obvious, right? That is if you’ve noticed my new website header. ;)

Fierce Tiff

This is Tiff, the chic, female photographer. She’s doing Shad’s fierce forte. It suits her, though.

Casual Tiff

Sweet Tiff

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Go To Makeup Routine

I don’t always wear makeup everytime I go out of the house, so most likely I just powder my face, do my brows and apply lip balm or a lipstick. During the times I feel girly, I take 5 minutes of my time to do my face routine because I’m always running late in the morning.

Go To Makeup Routine - Eye Detail

I usually skip the eyeshadow and liner if I don’t have enough time. :P The highlight of this look is to brighten the face without looking overly done. You can do that by evening out your skin tone, brightening your dark circles, and applying a blush and lipstick. My¬†colleagues have commented how blooming I look even if I just concealed and applied some blush. ;)

Go To Makeup Routine - Eye Detail

How to acheive this look:

  • Apply foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB Cream or whichever you prefer.
  • Apply concealer to hide the imperfections and to brighten your face. I never skip this step because I have horrible dark circles.
  • Set everything with powder.
  • Define your brows. You already look made up even if you only powdered your face and did this, so don’t forget to do your brows. ;)